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[updated October 2016]

I've been DJ'g weddings since 2006. I've DJ'd across the country in venues large and small, indoors and out-, rustic and fancy. Everywhere except a boat. So far.

What I enjoy most about DJ'g weddings is the opportunity to help a couple during an important moment in their new lives together with something that I love -- music.

Couples often ask, "What kind of music do you spin?" To which I respond, "What would you like to hear?" This is my approach to weddings (and other events I DJ): to spin what people want to hear. That said, some people like sample mixes, so here are a few short ones (click the link; click the 'play' icon). Just remember, if you hear a song you don't like, just let me know -- I won't play it:




To sneak-a-peek at me (and some happy folks), click here.

My rates depend on several factors, like venue/location, transportation, equipment and time. To get a quote, or if you have any questions, or if you just want to know, "Dan: adobo or masala?" please contact me.


Wedding Links

Along the way I've picked up a few friends. So, if you'd like to...

Down Town Association: A true gem located in the heart of Manhattan's Financial District. Valerie and her staff put others to shame, and the spaces breathe New York history.
Glasserie: Overlooking the Newtown Creek from the northern tip of Greenpoint, Glasserie has a mouth-watering kitchen and a genuine team that will pamper you.

Raging Skillet: Chef Rossi and her a-plus staff are hands down the most professional, compassionate and creative I've worked with. Not to mention their range and command of food.
The Works: The Housing Works-affiliated catering service is most notable for its connection to the charitable book/clothing/furniture stores across Manhattan and Brooklyn, but don't sleep on the food and service -- delicious food served with a big heart.
Xaviers Restaurant Group: Does Chef Kelly look familiar? Let me tell you: he lives up to the hype, and then some. Home-cooked quality food served by a friendly, funny staff.
Joyce: Brooklyn's finest baker does cakes, pies and other goodies.

Gramercy Park Wines and Spirits: Mike is the man. Earthy, reasonable and responsible.

Saffron: Kana and Tetsuji take an elegant approach I have not seen in any other wedding. It is subtle, well-crafted and always highly considerate of the couple's tastes.
James's Daughters Flowers: Lisa is the daughter in question and her eye is remarkable. Her site has visual proof, but you can also check out her Instagram.

Marigold Ceremonies: Amy Benedict describes herself as a "celebrant," which is an apt snapshot of her energy and an ideal to seek out for your ceremony. She's based in New England, so if yr in that hood...

Ben Holmes: trumpet player and band leader. Can put together a killer combo. Highly recommended. E-mail him at
Lucas Pullin: classical and jazz guitarist. Holler at

Shoot (still)
Andy French: Down-to-earth, and he shot my wedding. Holler for contact info, etc.
Michael Meyer: Consummate professional.
Photo Pink: Liesl, Randy and Megan are an ease to work with and have keen eyes for the shots.
Twah Dougherty/Style Art Life: Twah's shoot are fun, fun, fun. Make sure to peep her frequently updated F-book for the latest.

Shoot (moving)
Fred Lee: Works quick and quietly and the results are beautiful.

Stay Sane
Ned Kelly and Co.: Ned does a lot. And that counts when you need to keep all the moving parts of a wedding in order... and happy as a Smurf.

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