Monday, January 01, 2001


[updated Feb. 2011]

dirtystylus: the man
eleven: the myth
matthew africa: the legend
no skills: got in the van
reborn: cool
sergio: go bang!
trident: BASS

chang: essential hip-hop history reading
choy: teens in half moon bay have the coolest librarian
dallas: truth speaker from around the way
dantrification: more essential hip-hop history reading
illdoctrine: hip-hop's npr spokesman
jane dark: my poetry fix
oh word: bringing back that boom bap rap
poplicks: oh slick, it's o-dub! (and junichi)
joe sixpack: the guru of everything
small precautions: this isn't just history
ta-nehisi: everyday is a beautiful struggle
this ph.d. candidate could be your life: 2003 changed it all

abnorml: surprisingly normal
abcd's: bestie with the best eats
bh vfx: better'n 3-d
busayo: bringin' joy to your closet
caroline mak: where did your long hair go?
che, pedimos empanadas?: a boy in BA
conrad digital: photo needs a touch-up
eatdrinkonewoman: ny state of food
[fmr*oi]: nyc is a zoo
francis estrada: artist and a fighter
frank 151: zoo york
humanity critic: nappy diatribe
kevin shea: a kim of comedy
louis katz: a katz of comedy
luka designs: pretty tings
making fiends: best on nicktoons
mia kim photography: a kim of photography
photo mo: bro
sophie sanders: soul sister
tirana jewelry: a new spin
where did i end up?: ridin' 'round Oakland

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